Saturday, May 3, 2008

luraline Competition (( Oonda ))

Interactive, Integrative, and Inspirational. These are just
three of the qualities we wanted to achieve when producing
this luminaire. The users of the space, where this light wall
would be installed, control the illumination process both
intentionally as well as unknowinly. This wall would be a focal
point in the space, which would draw the occupantsto it as it
encourages interaction between the people and the installation.
The light that is emitted from the luminaries evokes
a playful mood in this social atmosphere.
The luminaire’s shape evolved from the idea that different types
of wavelengths would be the determining factor in the changing
of the light being emitted. Sound waves, heat waves, and
vibrations were some of the initial features that we thought bout
initially that would allow the light changes to occur with human
interaction. The form of the luminaire follows the curves and
undulations that are reminiscent of a wave like pattern. The name
of this light, onda, is the Spanish translation of the word wave.
As the project evolved, the idea came that this light source could
be a converter of the senses ( delivered by the waves ) to light. It
would be as if the different senses ( touch, sound, and smell ) were
controlling this.

luraline Competition (( Oonda ))

Luraline Competition (( Oonda ))

the purpose of this installation of
light is to encourage the users to
interact as influence their
environment while enjoying
themselves in an active space.

Day Light Box

On this second "light box model" we dealt with natural light as opposed to the previous light box which dealt with electric light. We started out making multiple small sketch models that helped see how shadow followed the form of the positive space that remained after we cut away space. We decided that instead of taking mass away from a box that we would sculpt the space from the inside out. The curvilinear roof in the "public" space creates fascinating patterns of light on the floor. there is a change in floor level in this space as well which ultimately leads you to the "private" meditation space. This space also has interesting patterns cut away from the wall surface to let the light come in through an opaque surface as well. However we found that this space was not as effective as the public space perhaps because of the difference in scale or because of the change in the shape of the roof. We learned a lot about light and shadow as well as positive and negative space.

Light Series 1: Gatewood Lobby 2:45 April 29, 2008

Light Series 1: Gatewood Lobby 2:45 April 15, 2008

Light Series 1: Gatewood Lobby 2:45 April 10 , 2008